​Why are many companies not pursuing business or meeting expectations internationally?

Significant opportunities exist for companies to learn, diversify, and grow internationally.  

A growing number of middle and high income global consumers - up to 5 billion by some estimates - are eager to buy quality products and services. Yet companies often do not look outside their home market for expansion opportunities.  Or if they sell overseas, often struggle to achieve growth expectations. 

Why are businesses not venturing abroad or not achieving their full potential internationally?  Could it be a comfort at home?  Fear of the unknown?  Changing geopolitical landscapes? Uncertain market dynamics or value expectations internationally?  Challenges in finding the right partners or staff? Or other reasons?  

With vision and commitment from senior leadership, international opportunities can be captured when an organization understands the local market and culture, executes a market-driven strategy and connects with trusted partners and team. 


Our Services

Working together with clients, we leverage our collective experience and established relationships with leading industry players to successfully understand local markets, develop strategy and help navigate through the challenges of growing your international business to Asia , from Asia and intra-Asia.         


Our network includes trusted local experts in finance, accounting, regulatory, e-commerce, logistics, and other support functions.

Business Meeting

Your Partner in

Global Market Development

  • New market assessment

  • Strategic planning

  • Business development

  • Partner Introduction

  • Distributor identification 


  • Client representation in US and in Asia

  • Product sourcing

  • Product marketing

  • Acquisition integration

  • Multi-cultural collaboration

  • Multi-lingual communication

       (English, Japanese, Chinese)



One Pacific Link

your partner in growth across the Pacific

Having lived and led businesses in Asia and the US, our multi-cultural team brings local market knowledge, a trusted network of resources and a successful track record building building business across the Pacific. 


We have deep industry experience and trusted relationships in specialty materials, natural additives, chemicals, minerals and building products in a variety of industrial B2B markets, including food, beverage, nutrition, paper and construction among others in developed and emerging markets.


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